Probate & Trust Administration

You have probably heard the word “Probate”, but like many other people, you may not know what it is. Probate is the process of settling the estate of a deceased person. It involves probating the will and other assets to ensure that the wishes of the deceased are followed according to estate planning documentation.

Do you need a probate attorney?

The probate administration process can be a complex and tedious process. Mistakes can lead to personal liability for the executor or personal representative. If you need assistance with estate or probate administration, it is important to consult with a trusted attorney who can quickly and effectively handle the details of your case.

Probate and estate administration

Blade & Blade devotes a large portion of its practice to probating estates and we ensure the proper filing and completion of the entire probate process. We handle all aspects of probate and estate administration including an inventory of the estate, appraisals of property, identification of heirs and beneficiaries, debt pay-off, State and Federal tax returns, and the distribution of assets and property.

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